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Baewatch One-Piece

Baewatch One-Piece

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Baewatch One-piece swimsuit is the simplest one-piece swimsuit created for any summer activity.

Ideal for swimming as well as sunbathing, this is a classic cut with an oval neckline on the front and back, a neutral notch on the hips and a medium boot revealing just as much as needed.

Wider straps guarantee that nothing will slide and the bust will be properly maintained.

Our advanced double-layer compression design slims the body while at the same time allowing us to give up additional stitching without the risk of wrinkling the material.

The outfit is very versatile, it's not just for the beach! You can use it as a bodysuit and it also works as a yoga outfit.

We also gave up classic tags and replaced them with thermal transfer printing so that nothing scratches you while wearing it.

All for the sake of your comfort!

  • Material: 100% Italian Lycra with OEKO TEX 100 Standard certificate

  • Protection: UPF 50+ (Your outfit will not fade from the sun)

  • Composition: 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane

  • Outfit: double-layered with hidden seams
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